A great warranty I believe is essential for giving both our company and our customers peace of mind. Over the past few months, I’ve been writing about the different ways the brands we partner with and products we use on our customer’s homes at Roofing & More, help us give you the “more.” One trait that all these products have in common is a great warranty, which I believe is essential for giving both our company and our customers peace of mind.

Don’t Take Chances

When you’re buying a relatively inexpensive product in a store or online, you may take the risk of not purchasing the extended warranty because the item is more easily replaceable for a relatively low price. However, when it comes to investments in and on your home, you should never take a chance because there can be a lot of value behind the warranty. Of course, this only applies if the warranty and the company behind it care about you as a customer.

For example, you may have purchased an item with a great warranty from a company that is later bought out by another firm who doesn’t honor the warranty. Or the contractor that installs the product goes out of business. If something goes wrong, you’re left to fix it yourself, with your own money. We never want our customers to experience this, which is why we do our research and only choose stable brands with great warranties, and who we know we can trust to do the right thing. Though I know by using the best of the best on our customer’s homes, they will rarely experience any issues, I also know that if and when they need to make use of a product warranty, it will be there for them. And so will we!

This is another example of how we give our customers the “more” in Roofing & More — by providing peace of mind.

Consider the Warranty 

The next time you shop around for contractors to do work on your home, please pay attention not only to the brands they partner with and the pricing, but also the length, strength and value of their warranties. A lower-cost product may seem like the better option but not if you’ll pay out-of-pocket later to fix any issues. If you're looking for peace of mind with a home improvement project, call Roofing & More at (703) 467-0206 or contact us to schedule a FREE no-contact consultation and estimate.