If your home could talk, what would it be hoping for? Throughout the year, your home experiences heat under the sun, heavy rain and winds, and finally, snow with freeze-thaw cycles. At Roofing & More, Inc., it is always our goal to offer “more” to our customers and their homes, and we know from years of experience completing roofing, window, door, siding and gutter repairs and replacements that if your home could ask for anything, it would be increased durability.

Partnering With the Right Manufacturers

The first step to a more durable home is equipping it with quality products that will stand against the elements and the test of time. But, how do you know if a product will be better for your home in the long run if you can’t see it weather the storm first-hand? Reputable manufacturers will aim for the highest fire (Class A), impact (Class 4) and wind approvals for their products. To achieve these ratings and approvals, the product must undergo rigorous third-party testing. At Roofing & More, we choose the manufacturers we work with carefully to ensure that our customers have quality roofing, doors, windows, siding and gutters. Additionally, these manufacturers stand behind their products and have longer warranties to take care of their customers.

Trained & Certified Installers

Of course, having a quality product is only part of ensuring that your home “will weather the storm” and is more durable when it counts. Without proper installation, even roofing shingles with the best composition and ratings may still fail and allow damage to happen to your home. Siding with the most stringent wind approvals can still fly away from the home if not attached properly, with care and expertise. Even the best products aren’t worth much if installed incorrectly, and often an installation process must be strictly followed to activate the manufacturer’s warranty. To give your home the durability it’s always wanted, look for a contractor that is trained to install and even certified with the manufacturers they work with. This will get you the highest quality products under the best warranties for the ultimate durable home.

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