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As we head into spring, take a cue from nature and consider giving your home a fresh start with some exterior upgrades. Many homeowners start thinking about making updates when the weather gets warmer and they start working on the yard and spending more time outside. There are a number of ways to en...

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Fiber cement siding has been around for a long time, but recently has been gaining in popularity. This type of siding gets its name from its two main ingredients: Portland cement and cellulose fiber. These substances are combined with sand, water and other additives (depending on the manufacturer) t...

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It’s March, and at Roofing & More that means a great deal of reflection on how we’ve gotten to where we are. This year we’re entering our 24th year in business and while I’m proud, I also feel challenged. As President and founder of this company, I’m overcome by the support I’ve received over th...

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