solar shingles

When you replace your roof, there are many features you’ll need to take into consideration—from selecting durable materials to designing the right style. However, one of the most important aspects you should consider is how your new roofing system will add value to your home. A solar roofing system is a smart choice for virtually any home.

Made to utilize clean energy, a solar roof can help you save in the long run. Most importantly, your solar system can be installed with your new roof replacement for convenient results. Take a look at some of the ways a solar system and roof replacement integration can benefit your house.

1. Enjoy Additional Performance

An integrated solar roofing system allows you to enjoy the performance of a durable roofing system with the added benefits of solar power. A sustainable solar roof allows you to utilize power from the sun to fuel your entire home. These will work for your home despite strong rain and windstorms. Adding an integrated solar roof is the best way to add extra performance to your exterior home remodel.

2. Match Your Home’s Exterior

Solar shingle roofs offer an innovative approach to sustainable energy. Solar shingles are immersed with your roofing system to create a low-profile design. This way, you don’t have to worry about bulky solar panels distracting from your architectural design. Installing solar shingles with your roof replacement allows you to select the perfect style for your home's exterior all at once.

3. Save on Future Costs

One of the greatest advantages of solar roof installation is the long-term savings. Investing in solar power can help you save greatly on the monthly costs it takes to heat and cool your home. Even in extreme temperatures, solar power can make your home comfortable at a cost-effective price. And since solar roofing is considered a home upgrade, it is often installed as a way to add resale value to a home.

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