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Northern Virginia Home Solar System

Roofing & More is a premier exterior renovation, roof replacement and solar company providing custom home solar systems. If you want to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, our team will provide a streamlined installation experience. 

We offer complete installations of quality home solar systems that provide impressive performance to homeowners. No matter the layout of your Northern Virginia property, we will help you install a highly efficient system.

Are you curious about the cost and efficiency of a solar power system for home energy savings? Roofing & More offers free pricing estimates of home solar systems for customers that include an energy assessment and proper planning for maximum efficiency.

Efficient Home Solar Systems in Northern Virginia 

When setting up a home solar system, our team at Roofing & More strives to maximize the performance. We analyze the sun and shade on your Northern Virginia property and set it up for maximum sun exposure. Additionally, we set up the components of the solar system to provide the best efficiency possible. 

While working with our team, you will see how simple our integrated solar roofing is, with limited components for streamlined setup and ease of use. We will use top-quality GAF solar shingles that double as both your solar panels and your roof.

Your Home Solar Energy System - Simplified

  • Attractive: More attractive than traditional solar panels, our solar roof shingles are designed to look similar to your existing roof shingles for a more seamless appearance.
  • Integrated: As both the protective roof shingles and solar energy system, the integrated solar shingles are fully integrated into your roof, and just the asphalt shingles, your GAF solar shingles have a lifespan of 25+ years of optimal performance.
  • Streamlined: There is no add-on of the solar rack to mount panels above the roof. Instead, the integrated system is your roof system, avoiding the potential damage that cutting and drilling through the shingles and roof deck may cause.
  • Simple: Inverters convert your DC electricity generated by the system into AC for use in the home. The simple, all-inclusive GAF solar roofing system has very few necessary components outside of the solar shingle system on your roof, for easier installation and high performance.
  • Cost Effective: The GAF solar roofing system means a reduced financial investment into the additional components. This system does not require adding on a battery, and you will get the full benefit of converting your solar energy throughout the day immediate use of solar while also allowing for excess energy to be sold back to the grid.

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Roofing & More offers modern home solar systems that will bring efficiency to your Northern Virginia property. If you want a team that has the experience to provide a smooth solar installation, look no further than our solar installers.

Contact us today to request a free project estimate and learn more about our service options. Call to speak with one of our friendly representatives or fill out the online quote form.