Selecting a contractor is the most vital element in guaranteeing a successful construction project.

Many homeowners don't know much about construction projects, like the best practices and products that will work best for them. There is a lot of information to understand before making decisions, and Roofing and More can help you with that.

At Roofing and More our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We worked with the Certified Contractors Network to make this contractor selection guide. They helped us define guidelines for choosing a contractor to work on your home, the most valuable asset you own.

The guide helps consumers choose a contractor wisely and provides information to help consumers make smart decisions. The goal is to assist consumers in selecting the right contractor for their needs.

Roofing and More follows high quality standards and values customer service. As a member of CCN, we also follow their code of ethics to provide professional service to our clients.

In both cases of satisfied and dissatisfied customers there are clear and repeated patterns leading to each result. This guide helps consumers understand the contracting process and ensures satisfaction with their project.

If you do your homework and make informed decisions you will be one of the many satisfied homeowners and not become a victim. Research shows that many unhappy homeowners narrow their focus to only two factors: “How much will the project cost?” and “When can the work get started?”

However, studies suggest that asking more questions beyond these concerns can lead to better results and positive outcomes. 

The concerns for most homeowners:

What criteria should we use to qualify a proposal and contractor?

How to tell if a contractor is professional and will deliver on promises?

How can someone hold a contractor accountable if there is an issue?

How do you know if the price is fair?

A professional, qualified, and experienced contractor understands the results needed to exceed a customer's expectations. They will also know how to avoid mistakes that can lead to a failure to meet them.

It is recommended to allocate one hour for each contractor meeting. During this time, you can discuss your project, identify any problems, go over product options, and discuss pricing. Giving enough time for everyone to understand each other and the project goals will lead to a more successful outcome. 

Many unhappy homeowners don't spend enough time talking to their contractors to fully understand the project's details and specifications. Good contractors take pride in their work. They are happy to discuss your options and share their expertise. They can also provide you with a list of satisfied customers for references.  

Contractor Questionaire

Understanding the contractor:

It is important to qualify a contractor for your project and a professional contractor will qualify you as a customer as well. Quality contractors avoid potential bad experiences as it damaging to their reputation and costs them money.

Another reason it is important to allow ample time to fully understand the details of the project. Professionals will want to make sure you fully understand the work they are going to do and ensure realistic expectations. 

Most contractors are capable of completing your project to in a way that satisfies safety considerations and building codes. But it is important to remember that you are not simply replacing a roof, getting new windows, or whatever the physical product may be. You are also paying for the level of customer service and peace of mind afforded to you during and after the project. A good contractor will stand behind their work by offering warranties to cover potential future issues.

We hope that this guide is helpful and gives you confidence in dealing with contractors for your next home project. If you have any questions about an upcoming construction project of your own give us a call. We are happy answer any questions and can refer you to additional resources on the subject.

At Roofing and More our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we place a premium on customer service. We want everyone in our community to have an exceptional experience.