Summer is Here and is Bringing Hail Storms Along With It.

Last year there were nearly 7,000 reported instances of severe hail storms in the U.S., continuing an upward trend of these types of storms that are prone to cause roof damage. Northern Virginia can be particularly prone to heavy thunder storms that bring both hail and high winds.

It is more important than ever to understand best practices when submitting a roofing or siding insurance claim. According to NOAA over the last 3 years significant hail events have increased by approximately 1,000 instances each year! Additionally hail events are responsible for 70% of property losses annually.

NOAA also keeps a database of storm causing greater than $1 billion in damages, of which 5 hail storms made the list. These 5 storms alone accounted for $13.8 billion in in property damages. That doesn't even include the other 6,995 hail storms in 2023.

Summer is Here and is Bringing Hail Storms Along With It.

In Northern Virginia storms can absorb massive amounts of energy over the ocean and Chesapeake Bay. They then move inland, bringing hail and strong winds. These storms cause significant damage to homes in Northern Virginia every year. When these storms roll through a neighborhood, it can be common for roofing company canvassers to follow.

Canvassers often come with promises of a free new roof through an insurance roofing claim. A good sounding proposition but this isn't necessarily the best approach.

If you suspect your home was hit by hail or suffered wind damage from a summer storm it is important to have a roof inspection by a reputable roofing company as soon as possible. Storm damage can cause leaks which then can cause water damage to the inside of your home.

Roofing and More's expert project consultants can help you make decisions like whether or not to file an insurance claim or to proceed with a roof repair instead. Understanding the potential repair or replacement costs is the first step before ever submitting any paperwork to an insurance company.

We recently completed a project for a Northern Virginia homeowner who was promised a free roof replacement by someone knocking on their door. After filing the claim however, the homeowner was ghosted by the company when the home insurance claim wasn't approved.

It gets worse...the insurance company then ordered the homeowner to replace their roof at their own expense or risk losing insurance coverage entirely due to the age and regular wear and tear of the roof.

Had this homeowner started the process with a more reputable roofing company they could have prevented a great deal of stress and saved money.

As these storm damage trends continue to grow insurance companies are tightening their restrictions making it more difficult to get approvals. Even if you do get an approval, it may be undervalued, which is another reason working with a trustworthy roofing contractor is paramount.

Roofing and More is on your side and will advocate for you and your home to ensure the repairs or replacements are properly valued and ensure that your home is protected against future extreme weather events.

Summer is Here and is Bringing Hail Storms Along With It.