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Often, the best advice I give to homeowners is “know when to hire a professional.” Usually this means recognizing the point at which you can no longer handle a job yourself without increasing costs and creating the risk of more damage. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to start when lookin...

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What makes a great leader? As the president of a successful roofing company , I would love to be able to claim that I am already the best leader that I can be. However, the truth is that all humans are constantly growing and learning, and there is always room for improvement. This month, I’ve chosen...

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Your roof is one of the biggest factors in your home’s appearance. This also makes it a major factor in enhancing your home’s value. While choosing a color for your roof replacement can be challenging, Roofing & More is here to make choosing the right shingle style and color easier for you. As a...

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