At Roofing and More we always strive to exceed our customers expectations. Our core values are a reflection of our business which is why we pride ourselves on integrity, value, and continuous improvement on every project. By adhering to these values we ensure an exceptional experience to all our customers.

We value customer care above all else. By listening to our customers needs and wants we are able to help them achieve success with their projects. Our goal is to work together with the customer to achieve the best possible results. This collaboration is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction.

We encourage our customers to ask questions about their project. We are proud of our work and happy to answer these questions. Asking questions also ensures that our customers fully understand the work required to meet their specific goals. Our customer service team is always available and more than happy to go over any details or concerns.

Many contractors are overly focused on getting the job done quickly and cheaply. Our focus is to get the job done right. Part of this is prioritizing the customers needs and goals. Just as we encourage our customers to ask us questions, we will often ask questions of our own to make sure we understand all of their concerns.

At Roofing and More, we center our efforts on fulfilling our customers' needs. Our commitment to customer care is evident in our free project consultations. We take time to guide clients towards the optimal products and services, whether it's a minor repair or a full replacement.

After the issue is properly diagnosed our expert team of installers will deliver work our customers can trust. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals who are specialists in their trades. The type of people we would trust to work with our families and want our customers to know they can trust them too. Every employee at Roofing and More is dedicated to creating an exceptional customer service experience.

In addition to quality craftsmanship throughout our history we have worked to promote a culture of integrity. Our employees are an extension of this culture and our customer experience based business practices.

The quality of the products we use is just as important as the quality of craftmanship. Regardless of the product and services you can rest easy when working with Roofing and More.

We back our work with unwavering support, partnering with reputable manufacturers who offer warranties on their products. Our guarantee extends beyond mere satisfaction, aiming to exceed expectations at every opportunity. Both with our products and our services.

Our customer service centric approach has helped us earn hundreds of 5 star reviews. We believe in honesty and transparency in all customer interactions. Even if we make a mistake, though rare, we will take ownership of the issue and see it resolved to our customers satisfaction. Many of our biggest fans were earned through this philosophy.

Being on time and delivering a job well done are just the beginning of an exceptional customer service experience. This is the bare minimum and with Roofing and More we promise to go above and beyond.

Our promise to our customers:

We will treat your home as if it were our own.

Respect you as a member of our own family.

We will strive to earn your 100% satisfaction.

Beyond working with our customers we also believe in supporting the community we serve. We are active in community events and in working with local nonprofits that give back to the community. Not only is it an honor to be able to offer our support and give back to those in need, but it is an integral part of our goal as a business.

At Roofing and More we value our customers and their experience working with us. We believe our product is more than just a new roof, but the entire customer experience as well. Give us a call today to start you exceptional experience and turn your house into your dream home.