By definition, trust is the “firm belief in the character,strength or truth of someone or something.” In our business, trust applies tosomeone


something – the

roofing contractor

andthe product. At Roofing & More, we strive to give our customers “more” byensuring that they can trust us.

All too often, the word “trust” is thrown around withoutmuch meaning behind it. We can offer “more” to those who are putting theirconfidence in our abilities and their homes in our care by giving them tangibletrust. Meaning, we can prove to customers that they can trust us before theysign anything and before we install any products on their home.

Achieving Trust

How can we achieve tangible trust? Trust begins with thereputation of a company and their corevalues or pledges to their customers. When it comes to these core values,customers should be able to see them in action – not just hope that the companywill follow through on what they promise.

The definition above references “something.” For us, that’sthe product. In order to be a trusted company, we partner with manufacturersthat provide trusted products, and warranties thatare honored if an issue arises. Roofing & More strives to be the best, sowe only do business with the best, conducting research to make sure ourcustomers will be covered in the rare case of a manufacturing defect.

Processes That Build Trust

Of course, what is a great product worth if you hire acontractor you can’t trust to install it correctly? You may end up with an improperinstallation that nullifies the warranty, end up overspending or be stuckwaiting for no-shows. Our customers trust us because we put in the work to givethem an exceptional experience. For example, our customers learn about ourprocesses that ensure that everything goes smoothly – and we even haveprocesses in place just in case anything goes wrong. We also have the proper certifications andtraining needed for every product. To top it off, we have customer reviews acrossmultiple platforms that share others’ experiences with Roofing & More.

Get MORE With Roofing & More

We hope that by giving our customers the ability to trust uswith their home and demonstrating our values, they will gain an exceptionalexperience from Roofing & More. We invite you to call us at (571) 410-0274 orcomplete our convenient online quote request form for a free in-homeconsultation and estimate on your next home improvement project.