Our Mission Statement: “To re-invent new ways and ideas to serve our customers better, to improve the lives of our employees and to give back to those in our community.”

I was recently reminded of how important it is for a company to have a clear Vision Statement, a clear Core Value Statement and a clear Mission Statement. This week I’d like to explore our Mission Statement with you. I will start my explanation by describing an experience I had at Business Planning Bootcamp a few years back.

The facilitator said, “I want you to close your eyes and think about how your business makes a difference – a difference in the lives of your employees, in the lives of your customers, in the community, in the businesses that you do business with and in your own family.” Then after a few moments of silence, he said, “Now I want you to think of how much more you could do if you were bigger and even more successful than you are today.” At that moment I became emotional, because I knew over the years we have made a difference. It is a true blessing to be a part of this, to live this and to know this.

“To re-invent new ways and ideas to serve our customers better …”

At Roofing & More, we understand that most people are apprehensive about climbing onto their roof, and for good reason. Doing so is very dangerous and causes worry, anxiety and many avoidable accidents. To eliminate the need for you or a loved one to get on the roof, we bring the roof to you at your kitchen table with a thorough video inspection.

One of our Northern Virginia roofing experts will provide you with an informative video of your roof that demonstrates everything you need to know about its condition. Should we find any issues, we will offer clear solutions. We are getting great feedback from customers about video inspections!

“… To improve the lives of our employees and to give back to those in our community.”

I remember a particular time when one employee came to me with tears in his eyes. He told me that he had the best year of his life. His finances had never been better, his marriage and family life had never been better and he was happier than he had ever been. He just wanted me to know. Wow!

I also thought about the many times when we had given back to certain individuals/organizations, how thankful they were, and what an amazing experience that was for all of us here as well.

At Roofing & More, we are more and do more than just install roofing, siding, doors and replacement windows in Fairfax, VA, and beyond. Our Mission Statement reminds us of why we do what we do. It guides us and keeps us thinking of ways to implement it daily.