Your home is worth the very best, which is why Roofing & More takes special care when training employees and choosing manufacturers and products. In the upcoming months, wind will become one of the biggest dangers to your home, threatening to tear shingles, siding and more away from your home. We have written in the past about why we think GAF Roofing is the best option for our customers’ homes and, during the windy season, we know that with the right product and warranty, their investment will be protected.

Protecting Against Wind Damage

When considering wind and the impacts on a roof system for your home, the first item to review is location. In the areas of Northern Virginia that Roofing & More services, many of the subdivisions were constructed on landscapes that were previously open fields, with little wind protection from trees or other features. This plays a big factor in which type of shingles we install on your home, and how much extra protection we use – like the amount of nails. Even great products like GAF shingles won't hold up on their own; they need to be professionally installed with your location in mind to stand up against wind damage.

Reliable Warranty Coverage

Of course, even with a great product and expert installation, the unpredictable can happen – like severe storms with high wind speeds. This is where the third factor behind a good product comes in: the warranty. We know that GAF stands behind its warranties and cares for both us as the contractor and our customers. However, it is also in part up to the homeowner to choose a warranty. At Roofing & More, we review these options with our customers, helping them make the best choice for their home to ensure that when high winds arrive, it is within the mph range that is included with their warranty.

Get MORE With Roofing & More  

Giving “more” to our customers means carrying the best products, having the best installation practices and helping them choose the best warranty to protect their home from spring winds. Now is a great time to take a look at your roof, especially with the cold weather upon us. Give the Roofing & More team a call at (703) 467-0206 to schedule a free estimate today!