As 2022 nears its end and we finish out our planning for 2023, it is once again time to start slowing down and take some time to look back on the year behind us. If you have been following the Roofing & More blog, you know that each November, I like to use the President’s Corner to not only reflect on our business year and growth, but also to take a moment and remember what got me here in the first place and what I’m most thankful for.

Of course, what always comes to mind first is my wife, family and God. Without God leading me, and my wife by my side, I would not be where I am today. Secondarily, I’ve been reminiscing about the past and how as I’ve aged, I’ve gained new life experiences and knowledge that led me to view things in a new light.

A Different Perspective

Recently, I was speaking with a colleague about how amazing it is that we can see things today that we couldn’t see years or even months ago. In these situations, my first instinct is to ask why I missed it before. Why didn’t I have this realization earlier and go a different route?

Then, I think back and remember how differently I saw things at the time. As I’ve gotten older, my mind and body have changed, and the way that I think has shifted. After turning 55 this year, I’m now viewing situations and the people around me differently and am better equipped to see what is important.

One of the biggest shifts has been the way I have come to value people over positions. I didn’t always think of employees as more important than what they did for the business, but when you center your focus on the person over the position they hold, you help build them up and grow. When you elevate your people, they surpass your expectations for the position and enjoy what they do.

It’s okay to change your perspective based on new knowledge you’ve gained — it helps us become better people and better leaders. I’m so thankful for the insights I’ve gained and look forward to the years ahead.