I’ve shared many times about the ways I’ve worked to improve Roofing & More as a company over the years – for our community, our customers and especially our employees. Creating a great work environment and making sure my team is working to live, not living to work, helps them stay excited to show up each workday and improves workforce stability – making our company better for all.

The Value of Tenured Employees

In the early years of Roofing & More, I was simply a roofer who owned a company and had a lot to learn. About 15 years in, I began stepping away from being on roofs each day and focused more on becoming a business owner and leader. In those first 15 years, I didn’t have any idea about the value of workforce stability, and the impact it can have on a company.

Employees who have been with a company for years work with you, not for you. An employee with tenure also works better with me and others at the company. They have had the chance to develop their skills and become experts, and know the ins and outs of the business – the internal processes, the other team members, the core values and the customers. Not only do they understand the owner’s vision and mission, they have a stake in it as well.

Newer employees tend to take longer on tasks, make mistakes and may forget or overlook important details of the processes. It’s not that they aren’t great employees, it’s just that turning these details into second nature takes time. By putting stock in your employees to ensure they have the time to learn and develop skills, you set yourself and your business up for success and keep your customers satisfied.

Of course, people will come and go. But the effort you put into keeping your employees for as long as you can makes all the difference.

Work With Your Neighbors

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