When COVID began to become an issue in the United States, the first thing we did at Roofing & More was think about how we could protect our employees and customers. Not only were we concerned for their overall safety and well-being, we also considered what would happen to the market. One of the biggest issues faced across all industries right now is supply chain management. Lead times are longer because of material shortages and increased delivery times, and with many construction projects, jobs are being scheduled months out. But because looking forward and anticipating the future is part of our business plan, we have worked hard to minimize the effect that supply chain issues have on the work we do for our clients.

You may be wondering — how did we do this? Most companies have no control over material supply, and delivery times aren’t manageable from their end.

Strategic Partnerships Benefit Everyone

If you are a frequent reader of our newsletter or blog, you know that one of the ways we choose our products is through strategic partnerships with manufacturers we trust. We want to work with brands that care about our customers just as much as we do, making sure that products are installed exactly as intended, but then still being backed by a great warranty. However, there is another benefit to these partnerships — we have formed great relationships with each manufacturer, and work more closely with them than contractors who may switch up their products often in search of the best deal.

So, as soon as we began to see delays, we reached out to our partners to see what could be done. Together, we developed a strategy and came up with a new process: rather than wait for the final details to place a material order, we began to send our distributor a preliminary material list. Then, after the Pre-Construction Meeting, we finalize the smaller details. While the material shortages and shipping delays may have been out of our control, we could control and adjust our internal processes to minimize the impact for our clients.

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