When you invest in a new roof, replacement siding, windows or doors, it is wise to also invest in a warranty that will protect that investment in case there is ever a problem. What most people don’t realize, however, is that you actually need two warranties in order to cover all the bases: a material warranty and a workmanship warranty.

  • Material warranty. Offered by the manufacturer, a material warranty protects you in the event that the product (the shingle system, for instance) is obviously defective. Depending on the nature of your material warranty, some or all components of the product are covered for a specified period of time (anywhere from five to 50 years). It’s important to note that exterior remodeling manufacturers are very strict with the way their products are installed. If damage occurs as a result of an installation mistake or other breach of protocol, that product is no longer covered and you will have to foot the bill. This is where the workmanship warranty comes in handy.
  • Workmanship warranty. Offered jointly by the contractor, a workmanship warranty insures you against installation mistakes and other costly problems caused by contractor error. Combined with the material warranty, this is the ultimate safeguard of your important investment. But remember: your warranty is only as good as the contractor with whom you choose to work. Be sure to hire a contractor that has an excellent reputation and will likely be around for a long time to stand behind their work. After all, a workmanship warranty provided by a company that is out of business is void.
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