I’ve written a lot about the past of Roofing & More — how I started the business 29 years ago as a roofer myself, and how I’ve grown it into the business it is today. It’s great to look back on those years and remember what it looked like to hire our first employees, handle difficult periods and become a thriving company. However, as the president of the company, I must also examine the present to see what we could change for the better, as well as anticipate what is to come.

Our Best Asset

Being a forward thinker is what keeps us prepared for the future. How will we handle what life may throw at us? Our best asset has always been our people, and as I look at our team and the market, how will I continue to bring in new employees that will push our business forward even through difficult times? I want Roofing & More to be a place where employees will be happy to go to work each day and help solve problems that come our way.

Of course, everything starts with me, as the leader. Recently, I had lunch with one of our newest team members, who had been employed with us just over a month. During lunch, he told me that he was so impressed by our company because of how much the rest of the team truly enjoys their jobs. He named a couple reasons, but one was because they have been set up for success through training. He hadn’t seen that kind of employee education on any other job before. As I took in this feedback, I started to think about what else I could do for our company to benefit current and future employees even more. What matters the most to people that I can give them?

An Enjoyable Work Environment            

Construction is a fast-paced work environment that will never receive many of the perks that you may see in other industries. A four-day work week is unattainable, and there is no game room or cold brew on tap. However, I can bring people a healthy work environment and great benefits that other contractors do not typically offer: health insurance, retirement funds, paid sick days, personal days, longer vacations and more. I can also build up leaders from within that will keep things running smoothly for everyone, ensuring that our work environment is enjoyable and even fun.

As leaders, if we listen to our employees and prepare for the future, we can keep building on our current and past success to make the company better for us and everyone involved.