When choosing products for our customers’ homes, we are always looking for something extra – something “more.” Beyond functionality, what makes the product unique or the best in the business? What are the other ways it can better serve our customers? Earlier this year, we wrote about

what makes GAF a great company to work with

, including their customer service, contractor support and training, and the people who work there. This month, we are focusing on the product itself. How does GAF help us serve our customers and provide “more” with its products?

GAF Roofing Shingles

A quality product doesn’t just appear, and GAF does the research and spends the money to ensure they are sourcing the best materials to put into their

roofing shingles

. From what goes into the products to the process behind how they come together, GAF goes above and beyond. For each shingle they produce, GAF works hard to meet the standards and expectations that have set for wind ratings, impact resistance and more.

GAF Warranties

The second part of producing a product is standing behind what you create. GAF certainly does that, continuing to be there for us as a company and for our customers well after we install the products. In fact, GAF is one of the few manufacturers that stands behind their product to the extent that they do. This doesn’t just mean good customer service, but also a written


that says if any issues were to arise with their products (though it rarely happens), GAF has always done the right thing to fix the problem for us and for our customers.

Of course, we hold up our end of the warranty too, installing our customer’s roofing systems according to the details and specifications supplied by the manufacturer.

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