Now’s a good time to do a walk-around of your property and take advantage of the moderate temperatures to get a head start on what should be an annual spring home maintenance routine. Some would go for the philosophy of "out with the old and in with the new", while others simply go for cleaning, organizing, and renovating. After clearing the dirt on the walkways and driveway, you will be glad that your home survived Northern Virginia’s share of snow and freezing rain, which have been tough on roofs and gutters and may have caused damage on your siding, doors and windows.

If you are still at loss on what to take up first and how to go about updating your home, call a professional contractor for doors and windows in Fairfax VA. Better Homes and Gardens shares this vital information:

Update Inefficient WindowsYou don't have to put up with drafty rooms. Trade in old, energy-squandering windows for new, high-performance units that swing in for easy cleaning. Windows marked with the Energy Star label can cut your fuel bills by as much as $340 per year over drafty single-pane units, which means major savings for as long as you own your home.

Leakage in your windows will allow warm air in and cool air out (and vice-versa). If there is condensation between the panes on double or triple-glazed windows during the winter months, it could be a sign that the weather seal has been damaged, and either the glass or the entire window itself will need to be replaced. As an alternative option to other window types, Roofing & More, a trusted contractor for

replacement windows in Fairfax, VA

, offers high-quality ProVia® windows that feature high-efficiency glass packages and outstanding warranty coverage to ensure that they will continue performing for years to come.

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