The weather of Northern Virginia is generally mild; precipitation rates are much lower here compared to other portions of the state and the area also has the lowest rates of thunderstorms, according to the Climatology Department of the University of Virginia. That’s why most homeowners like their windows to bring in more natural light and make their rooms look larger, warmer and more airy.

With all of the advances in home building, some residents think that they would have a better handle on the importance of windows in residential design, but many wonder when is the best time for them to hire a contractor for window repair in Northern Virginia. Hometips shared these suggestions:

Old or poorly installed house windows can cost as much in energy over the course of a few years as the cost of installing brand-new windows. Here are a few signs that your home is a good candidate for window replacement:

• Peeling paint revealing warped or water-damaged wood• Faded nearby carpeting and furniture• Drafts near closed windows• Outside noise strongly heard inside• High energy bills year-round

If your windows are old and need to be replaced with more energy-efficient models, then you’ll need to determine the appropriate style, features, cost, and choice of contractor. Roofing & More, the trusted company for

replacement windows in Northern Virginia

, recommends ProVia® Windows which feature an advanced glass package consisting of multiple panes filled with inert gas that serve as an effective thermal barrier, significantly reducing the transfer of heat and cold into or out of your home.

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