The success or failure of your home improvement project will largely depend on your chosen contractor’s service quality. As such, be sure to ask the right questions and know what documents to request before hiring a Northern Virginia window repair contractor. According to MSN Real Estate, the following elements must be thoroughly assessed to ensure the contractor’s credibility as well as to boost your chances of a safe and rewarding transaction:


. Most contractors are licensed by the state. While a license alone doesn't guarantee an excellent contractor, it is one way to weed out unlicensed amateurs. Some states also record complaints filed against contractors—you can look these up using the contractor's license number.

Bank account

. A contractor with five years of experience and a solid record of bank deposits will, in all probability, stay in business long enough to complete your project. It also indicates that the contractor has sufficient capital and doesn't need your business to pay this month's bills.


. The contractor should carry workers' compensation and general liability insurance. Lack of insurance could leave you liable for any injuries suffered on the job. Get copies of policies from the contractor's insurance company.

Additionally, you need to understand the details of your payment options so you can lower the risk of losing your hard-earned money. How you will pay for any work done (e.g. financing options) and where or how (i.e. by check or credit card) you are going to send the payment should be included in the contract. There should be a clear breakdown of all expenses, and receipts should be provided.

You ought to know about the background or track record of the company. In particular, inquire about the experience, training, and certification of their roofers. The physical location, contact details, client testimonials and references, and warranties on both service and workmanship must all be willingly provided.

More importantly, don’t close any deal with just a handshake or verbal agreement. Get everything in writing and be sure that a systematic site inspection is conducted before estimates are given. A reputable window repair and replacement contractor typically won’t demand that you pay cash up front and sign a contract without these preliminary steps.

Finally, check the contractor’s relevant certifications and accreditations. You might want to choose a member of a recognized association, and one that has gone through a series of comprehensive training on the installation of replacement windows in Northern Virginia. Your roof should be in good hands if your chosen window repair company is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to hire a good home contractor, MSN Real Estate)