When your windows rattle, leak air and heat, look dilapidated, and no longer function as efficiently as before, then it’s time to have them repaired or replaced. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with increasingly expensive energy bills if you decide to stick with your old and malfunctioning windows. An article in the Moving Insider shares some insights on determining the best time to consider window repair or replacement:

Some telltale signs that your home windows may be in need of some attention include:

  • You feel a cold draft in your home during cold months, especially near the windows
  • There is fog or condensation visible between panes (double pane windows only)
  • The window is painted shut or unable to open/ stay open
  • The wood frame is rotting or warped

If left untreated, these seemingly small problems can lead to one or all of the following consequences:

  • Compromised insulation and increased heating and cooling costs
  • Less protection against pests and insects
  • More noise disturbance from the outside environment
  • A decrease in your home’s curb appeal and value (This is especially important if you are selling your home!)

Many homeowners make the mistake of rushing to have their old windows replaced without carefully evaluating the possibility of

window repair in Arlington, VA

. While you’ll have to spend a reasonable amount for replacement windows, the resulting tax credits and savings from reduced energy consumption are certainly worth it. Keep in mind, though, that not every malfunctioning window needs to be replaced.

You may need to opt for repair or restoration services instead of buying new windows, particularly if your home has a certain historic value. However, replacement windows may be necessary when muntins are rotten, the wood frames are falling apart, the sashes are deteriorating, and the casing/trim is loosed or cracked. Consider overall energy efficiency, soundproofing, safety, and aesthetics before you decide on either course of action.

Proper and regular maintenance may be the key to keeping windows in top shape for a long period of time. Yet like everything else, your windows’ functionality will eventually diminish and thereby render routine maintenance inadequate. After all, nothing in this world lasts forever.

Window replacement may be the best option; particularly when you choose replacement windows in Arlington, VA with improved insulation and ultraviolet protection. It’s wise to consult with qualified contractors when you’re having difficulty making up your mind whether to repair or replace your windows. You might want to find a credible home improvement company that specializes in window repair and replacement.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Repair or Replace: What to do When Your Home Windows Fail, Moving Insider)