Many people feel a nostalgic attraction to homes built a hundred or more years ago. They argue that houses today just aren’t made the way they used to be, and it’s difficult to argue the point – modern homes generally don’t include the materials or craftsmanship that were standard practice in construction a century or more ago.

When Windows Wear Out


are one of the more common fixtures that require attention in older houses. When old windows no longer open and close properly or the panes become damaged, many people assume that the best solution is to just get new windows. On the other hand, owners of historic homes worry that window replacement with modern units could go against the house’s aesthetic and take away vintage appeal.

If you are trying to decide whether to replace the windows in your historic home, here are a few considerations.

  • Know your local regulations. If your property is in a designated historic district, know the regulations regarding window replacement for historic property. You may be required to repair, rather than replace, your windows.
  • Consider wood-look options. Roofing & More installs ProVia® vinyl replacement windows that offer a high degree of customization coupled with outstanding quality. This includes wood-look options for a traditional look. We also offer composite windows that look like wood and can be painted as well. The brands we use can vary depending on what our customer wants.
  • Consider restoration. Often, owners of older homes want to restore their wood windows. If someone wants to restore and use wood, Roofing & More would not be the company for the project. However, we would be happy to discuss your project and help you make the best decisions for your vintage home.

Talk to Us About Your Window Project

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