8 Questions (and a couple bonus questions) for homeowners that can help you hire “the right contractors” the first time. 

Hiring “the wrong contractor” can cost thousands of wasted dollars and a lot of headaches and inconvenience. 

These pictures are from a homeowner who hired a contractor based on a great product. Unfortunately the way they installed the product was far less than great. They now have to redo the project. 


Asking the contractors you interview these questions can help you avoid the mistake of hiring the wrong contractors.

1.  How many of these types of projects have you completed? Get some references. 

2.  Are your installers trained per manufacture installation practices to install these products? Ask for the manufacturer representatives info to verify. 

3.  Who is overseeing and responsible for quality control? And how often will we see this person on-site? 

4.  What is your process to handle my questions or concerns during the installation? 

5.  Will you shoot during the install pictures and videos and send them to me periodically throughout the installation phase/s?

6.  Will we do a final walkthrough upon completion to ensure everything is completed as per our agreement? 

7.  How do you handle punch out items and what is your timeline to address and complete the small stuff at the end of the project?

8.  Who will be my #1 point of contact from beginning to end? It’s best if your dealing with one person who knows about your project. 


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