GAF EverGuard TPO

GAF consistently puts out some of the best products in roofing, which is why we partner with them to provide their products for our customers’ homes. It is always our goal to provide “more” to our customers, and GAF helps us do just that.

When people think about roofing, their first thought is usually about shingles on a house. Of course, GAF does shingles well, but where they really stand out is in their attention to detail across all products they create. For example, one of their best products is the Everguard® TPO — a single-ply roofing membrane for commercial buildings.

A High-Performing Commercial Roofing System

TPO is a popular choice for low-slope commercial buildings because it is cost-effective, durable and helps save on energy costs, all while being low-maintenance. TPO is also quick to install, fungal-resistant and can be easily repaired down the line.

GAF has done the research and put in the work to create an option that goes above and beyond the rest, with better heat protection and a longer lifespan. In fact, after analyzing membrane roofing samples from across the country to study the long-term durability of EverGuard TPO, GAF found that their TPO roofs were still performing above current code requirements.

Like their other roofing products, they also offer extensive training so that the product is installed according to their standards. As we’ve written before, a product’s installation is just as important as the product quality to ensure that it will perform as intended and remain under warranty. GAF continues to support the contractors that carry their products so that the contractors can then support their own customers with quality installations and excellent protection on their investment.

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We are happy to provide GAF EverGuard TPO to our commercial customers so that we can provide “more” to them just as we do for our residential customers. With better-performing products, commercial properties will require fewer repairs, save on costs and be more energy-efficient. Learn more about this commercial roofing solution and get a free consultation and estimate. Give our team a call today at (571) 410-0274 or contact us online!