When it comes to continual improvement for my business, I always think to myself, “It will never be good enough.” Knowing no matter how great Roofing & More is as a company, that we could always be even better is a notion that inspires me to keep working to improve where we can. But there are limitations to this rule.

Of course, “it will never be good enough” isn’t necessarily true of my employees, but more for myself as a leader. Looking back on my early years in the industry, I’d consider myself to have been a weak roofer and a weak businessman, and continuous learning and improvement are what have helped me become stronger. It would be easy to blame any of my failures on life’s misfortunes or outside influences — the death of my son, the recession and now COVID-19. However, the reality is that it was my lack of knowledge that held me back and caused any failures in the first place, and admitting that helps me grow as both a businessman and a leader. Now, I study and learn, and encourage my employees to do the same so that they can be better for their families, better for our customers and better for themselves.

Finding a Balance

Additionally, it’s important to find a balance of expecting more of myself while also being content with where my business is. When I look at the business, I’m content with my employees, our practices, our products and our customers. But I’m not completely satisfied because I know there is always room for improvement

For example, I recently looked at the roofing systems we offer and determined that it was time to offer our customers something new and better. If I were to choose from a range of products and create a gold standard, top-of-the-line system for my own home, what would that system look like? I pulled the pieces together and created the “KLH System”. The KLH System is the best that money can buy, with the highest quality products and value behind it.

Always Aiming Higher

The best way we can continuously improve is to look within and look at what we give to our customers, always aiming higher. Give us a call today at (571) 410-0274 to learn more about our roofing services, or fill out our online form now to schedule a free consultation.