When you plan for your future, are you involving your home in the process? As a homeowner, just as you create a plan for your career and retirement, or a yearly plan for your finances, you should be crafting some sort of plan for your home. And, if you haven’t already, now is the time.

Creating a plan of action for your home is the best way to protect your investment and the best way to increase its value if you plan on selling. To determine the amount you’re willing to put into your home, think about the length of time you plan on staying there. Will you be living there long-term, potentially passing the property on to your children? Will you need something with more square footage in the future? Are you planning on downsizing eventually?

Forever Home or Just-for-Now Home?

If your home is a forever home, think about how you’re going to take care of it to make sure it remains in great condition. Are you keeping track of maintenance tasks like clearing your gutters and painting? When roofing shingles begin to warp, or siding is starting to pull away from the home, will you make repairs or choose a full replacement? If your budget allows, the biggest factor in a long-term home should be longevity. For example, choosing a product like James Hardie® fiber cement siding over vinyl is going to offer your home more protection for longer.

Of course, if you know you will be relocating, you probably don’t want to purchase the most expensive siding or roofing. However, putting in the work and adding quality products to your home can increase its value. Your plan may include a timeline of necessary repairs and replacements that will increase curb appeal and attract potential buyers.

Let Us Help You Plan

When making your plan, think about your timeline, look at your home from all angles and consult the experts at Roofing & More. We give “more” to our customers by helping them create a plan for their home and choosing products that best suit that plan. To speak with one of our friendly representatives, call (571) 410-0274. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation today.