Recently, I received my certificate as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker. Soon after receiving my certification, an acquaintance asked what my biggest takeaway from the experience was.

Of course, I could talk for hours about what I learned from the program. Even as a leader, there are always new perspectives to learn and more information available that can help you grow. However, the pieces of information that really stuck with me were all of the small details — the ones that you would never notice unless someone else revealed them to you. I was able to identify missing pieces in each of our company processes, and even attributes about my own teaching and leadership skills that I didn’t know existed before.

‘Details Matter’

We’ve all heard the phrase “details matter.” I believe that focusing on the details and caring for them in a way others don’t is what can improve your business for both employees and customers, and is what makes Roofing & More stand out.

For example, after attending a pre-construction meeting with a long-term employee of mine who is shadowing me after a promotion, the customer expressed surprise and appreciation for his experience. Not only did my employee review every part of the process with the customer, but then he also provided the customer with contact information for our field supervisor, finance department and even for me, the president of the company. If the customer needed anything at all, they had a multitude of contacts to reach out to for an answer, eliminating any guesswork from the construction process.

Small details like this — phone numbers on a contact form — were what impressed the customer the most, and are what make a big difference when it comes to business practices and overall company culture. Caring for these details doesn’t just make a satisfied customer, it brings new opportunities and changes the lives of our employees, our partners and the community around us.

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