When it comes to roofing, traditional materials will never go out of style. They are sought after because they are considered renewable and add so much beauty to a home. However, like many materials found in nature, they are susceptible to wear from environmental factors like wind, hail, fire and rain.

When choosing products to offer to our customers, I always look for ways we can provide them with "more." For roofing, one of the best ways to achieve this is by partnering with manufacturers whose products have a great warranty, will surpass the lifespan of other materials and even help reduce home insurance costs. Ecostar is one manufacturer that we rely on to help us provide "more" to our customers with synthetic roofing options that hold up where traditional cedar shake tiles can’t.

Improving on Cedar Shakes

In climates like Northern Virginia, moisture from rain and humidity can quickly cause fungus and rot in cedar shake tiles. With the high installation costs and short warranties that are standard with natural cedar shake, homeowners aren’t getting as much value for the price. For nearly the same cost, we can offer homeowners who need a roof replacement a product that has the same look but performs better and is protected under a longer warranty.

Ecostar® synthetic roofing tiles don’t rot when subjected to moisture like cedar shake, are more durable with a Class 4 impact rating, and are more fire-resistant. Because of these factors, replacing a roof with Ecostar roofing can help reduce insurance costs by making your home more disaster-resistant. It has even passed the test with homeowner associations who have previously set strict materials guidelines in place, requiring natural cedar shake on homes.

By creating a product that holds up against the test of time, EcoStar has helped us offer “more” to our customers in the form of a longer-lasting product for those who may not be able to use a classic slate or cedar shake roofing on their home. We stand by their products and, because of our vetting process, we know that EcoStar synthetic roofing meets our high quality standards.

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