When was the last time you looked at your gutters, and not just to clean them out? For many homeowners, it's easy to perceive that a gutter is just a gutter, not knowing all of the parts that work together to move rainwater away and keep your home in good condition.

Roofing & More specializes in gutters that are reliable, and gutter guards that help your gutter system last longer with less maintenance. This is where our customers get the “more” in Roofing & More – a great product, installed with expert knowledge and consideration of local environmental factors that can make or break your gutters.

Anatomy of a Gutter System

There are several important parts to a gutter system that allow it to function properly and drain water away from your home: the outlets, the fasteners, the end caps, the downspout and the sealant used to hold each piece together. Each element has its own purpose, and there are many different options available to choose from. For example, downspouts come in different sizes, and fastening screws can be made for heavy or light duty.

Knowing the local environment and having professional knowledge of which products are superior is essential for getting the most out of a gutter system and giving our customers “more” when they hire us to design and install their new system. For example, in Virginia, we experience quite a bit of rain throughout the year, and then cycles of freezing and thawing during the winter. If you live in an area with more trees, the amount of debris that might collect in the gutters should be considered as well.

The Perfect Gutter Accessory

This is also why we’ve done an incredible amount of research to find the best gutter protection system for our customers. While a standard gutter cover helps keep debris out of gutters, our Leaf Relief® system helps keep snow out as well, which can aid in lessening the possibility of roof-damaging ice dams during freeze-thaw cycles.

Building a gutter that is meant to last and won’t cause damage to your home means finding all of the best parts and putting them together with care. Now is a great time to take a look at your gutters and see if they are working for you, with leaves falling and winter on the way. Give Roofing & More a call at (703) 467-0206 or contact us online to find out more about our long-lasting gutters.