September marks the end of summer and brings the comfortableand refreshing feelings of fall. For us, it also marks the start of businessplanning for the new year. While, of course, we review the numbers and set newgoals (and many other specifics), we also focus on our vision, mission and corevalues.

How are we doing as a team in reference to the vision, themission and the core values?

I like to think of it this way: our vision is where we areheaded. It’s what I see the company becoming if we do things right. Our missionis more day-to-day – what are we doing daily to help achieve the vision? Our corevalues are what is ingrained in the company at all times and is shared andtaught even before an employee joins the team.

Practicing What We Preach  

Something I’ve learned in my 28 years in the business isthat only a small percentage of contracting companies have developed a vision,mission and set of core values. Of this small percentage, an even smallernumber actually teaches and utilizes them. Many of the companies only have avision, mission or core values because they feel as if they are supposed to –they read it in a book or learned it in business school. It is rarely used inbusiness planning or to train employees to make the company the best it can be.They may be in the company handbook or appear on a sign on an office wall, oreven used for marketing, but rarely are they actually seen or reviewed.

As the president of Roofing & More, it’s my job toensure that we don’t become those companies and that we stick to the ideaswe’ve developed. I never want our employees to read about them in a handbookand never see it again or walk right past them as they enter the office. Ourvalues should not blend in – they should be a major focus.

Looking Ahead 

I do this by reminding myself of these three things andinstilling them in our business planning. When the leaders are focused onthe vision, mission and core values, it trickles down through the team and allthe way to the customers. That is how we can better serve each other as a team,better serve our customers, and better serve our community. GiveRoofing & More, Inc. a call at (571) 410-0274 or complete our online form fora FREE estimate for your home improvement project!