A home’s outdoor space can be one of its best attributes,especially if utilized effectively. Whether you have a deck, patio or balcony,you can take steps to maximize your outdoor living area and enjoy your spaceall year long.

  • Arrange seating around the perimeter.Spread out your furniture along the edges of your outdoor area for a morespacious feeling. For a cohesive look, opt for a matching set of couches andchairs. Several smaller seating areas, like a bistro set, a lounge chair orbuilt-in benches, can also be used to create perimeter seating.
  • Plan for foot traffic.An outdoor space that flows well will seem more open. Use outdoor rugs or solarlighting to define walkways in your space. Hardscapes, like stones or pavers,can be utilized to connect areas of your yard in a stylish manner.
  • Invest in flexible furniture.Furniture that has more than one purpose can go a long way in a small outdoorspace. Ottomans can double as footrests or extra seating, while a buffet tablecan showcase potted plants when it’s not being used for entertaining. Outdoorfurniture sets with built-in storage are also available to help corral yourbelongings.
  • Go vertical. If space istight, consider your options for vertical seating, storage and decorations tomake your outdoor living area seem larger. A hanging hammock chair or a swingkeeps the floor clear, creating an airier look. A tall buffet or cabinet allowsyou to store all of your outdoor accessories in one place and a verticalhanging garden adds greenery to your space while also providing privacy.
  • Be ready for any weather.You can use your outdoor living space during all seasons of the year with alittle planning. Install a fan, hang a canopy or build a gazebo to provideshade during the hot summer months. When the weather turns cooler, light up afire pit or turn on an outdoor heater for a cozy night outside.

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