When it comes to any part of your home breaking or notfunctioning properly, you have two options to look into: repair or replacement.However, just like a large crack in your windshield or a nail in your tire, arepair might not be a viable option, or it may make more financial sense tojust go ahead and replace the entire part or unit. At Roofing and More, westrive to find the best option for our customers to give them “more.”

Weighing the Options

Sometimes, the choice is obvious. When a roofing companyvisits you for an initial inspection and the roof is beyond repair, it’s notworth it for you, or for them, to try. But if your roof is just beginning toshow signs of deterioration or has a problem spot, it may be up to you todecide if you should make repairs or upgrade to a full replacement.

Just like the nail in your tire getting a patch, a roofingcompany can often repair a leak or other issue on your roof. However, thatpatch in your tire won't be a good investment if your tire is old and at riskof blowing out, or the tread is gone – you’ll just spend money on a replacementin a short time anyways. The same concept applies to your roofing.

For example, if your shingles are 16 years old when you finda leak and they have a life expectancy of 20 years, you can hire a contractorto repair the leak and buy a little time, or decide to go ahead and do the fullreplacement. If you choose to make a roof repair,it’s likely that you will make at least one or more additional repairs beforethe roof’s life expectancy is reached. However, keep in mind that generally,roof replacement costs increase at a rate of 5.79% each year. By the time youare ready for the replacement a few years after the repair, the cost is goingto be more expensive than if you replaced the roof during that initial leak.

We Give Our Customers ‘More’

At Roofing & More, it’s important to us to give ourcustomers “more” by sharing this information with them. Ultimately, the choiceto turn a roof repairinto a replacement is up to each homeowner, depending on their own needs. Butwe can help them get the best value by educating them on their options and thereasoning behind each scenario. For advice you can count on, schedule a freein-home or virtual consultation and estimate with a Roofing & Morerepresentative. Call (571) 410-0274 or complete our online contact request today!