At the beginning and end of the year, much of my focus as the president of Roofing & More revolves around making goals and reaching numbers. This time of year, though, is a great time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Being the president of a company means more than just making sure the business is running smoothly. It means using your experiences, professional knowledge and resources to help transform lives, change your business and impact your community.

Transform a Life

Because of my experience, I am able to help other business owners through coaching, which is one way I can help transform someone else’s life for the better. For example, I recently had a coaching call with a father-and-son-owned company, where issues within the business were causing disruptions to the family. I was able to help them talk through some of their issues, and later on received positive feedback that our call was helpful in moving forward.

I also hope to transform the lives of my employees, because I care more about the person than the position. Even when I’m challenging them, it is with the ultimate goal of helping them grow and improve their lives.

Change a Business

Roofing & More has certainly changed over the years and continues to grow and evolve. However, the best way for me to change the business now is to take a step back. Often, my own drive and persistence can be my company's biggest problem, and I need to let my team of leaders take the wheel.

Impact a Community

As a business owner, the easiest way you can impact your community is by having integrity. We made a promise to our customers in our mission statement to run our business with integrity and honesty. It is my hope that this will have a positive ripple effect on other businesses in our community and in our customers’ lives.

As I continue to lead our company, I expect to grow in all of these areas – not just in numbers. I also want to inspire my team to do the same, and build our company to be one that changes the lives of those around us.