One year into COVID-19, every business owner can say thevirus affected their company in some shape or form. They’ve likely learned afew lessons about adapting and efficiency, and changed their business model tokeep things running smoothly. Now that the spread of the virus has begun toslow and we are feeling hopeful for the “end,” it’s a great time to look backon the past year and the changes we’ve made and decide what to do with themmoving forward.

Stepping Up

At Roofing & More, I learned a lot of valuable lessonsabout running a business and am even thankful for the good that has come from aterrible, tragic situation. Of course, COVID-19 slowed our business down, butit also helped us change our processes in a way that we wouldn’t have evenconsidered before. The problems that brought us down also made us better in thelong run.

For example, I now focus more heavily on measuring thenumbers and predictive business analytics to look ahead and gauge what is tocome, similarly to a pilot who can tell their passengers exactly what time theymay experience turbulence on a plane. We have stepped up our communication,both internally and with customers and manufacturers to do this well. Becauseof COVID-19, products have not been as available as they were before, and waittimes are longer. Now, we can give our customers an accurate timeframe andavoid the “turbulence” that we experienced at the beginning of the pandemic.This helps us with everything from scheduling jobs to maintaining excellentcustomer service.

Looking Forward

Our improved communication and processes are not somethingthat we expect to put aside as the pandemic slows. Through it continues to be adifficult situation, we were able to learn and improve Roofing & More inways we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Now, we will be able to offer our customers an improved experience fromthis year forward, and I am grateful for that.