What does an exceptional experience mean to you? In my 28years working in the roofing industry, I’ve discovered that it isn’t actuallydifficult to provide an exceptional experience to customers – because most roofing contractors don’t. Whenhomeowners hire contractors to work on their home, they are more often than nothaving an average, or even below-average, experience.

One of the best ways to give your customers the above-average,or “exceptional,” experience is to build your business around how YOU wouldprefer to be served in your own home – and that is exactly what I have donewith my business. I’ve examined what matters most to me and to our customersand, knowing that, it’s not difficult to simply meet expectations and evenexceed them.

Beyond the Basics

The first step to providing an exceptional experience to ourcustomers is to do the most basic, decent things as a business owner: returncustomer calls in a timely manner, show up to appointments on time and deliverwhat was promised. By most customers’ standards, if they have dealt withcontractors in the past, this is a great experience.

Next, you must go beyond the basics. Here is how we providean exceptional experience to our customers at Roofing & More:

• Arrive at the exact promised time – noearlier and no later. Give your customer a one-hour window of arrival, andcommunicate with them if something does go wrong and you are behind schedule.
• Listen to the customer, ask questions tounderstand and provide solutions to solve the problem.
• Make sure everything is in writing andclear to the customer – if they don’t understand, translate any jargon and drawthem a picture of what is going to happen. You and the customer must have thesame vision of the project so that you can meet their expectations exactly.
• Have a pre-construction meeting with achecklist so the team can make sure nothing was overlooked.
• Communicate when materials are deliveredso the project can begin.
• Complete a final walk-through to makesure everything is to their complete satisfaction, and ask them to sign off onthe results.

These are all steps to help create an exceptionalexperience, and we strive to do so for each and every customer.

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations

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