Often when companies use taglines for their brand, placingthem across business cards, company vehicles and social media, they have chosenthe tagline themselves. The tagline is what the company wants to be, orwants to be perceived as by potential customers. You may have even seen theRoofing & More tagline: “INTEGRITY ... That Makes a Difference.” However,there is something a little different about the way we chose ours, and thereason we choose to show it off to the world.

Personal Values & Doing Business

Though we strive to be the best, the fastest and very price-competitive,our tagline doesn’t promise to be the best at anything we do, or the fastest,or the lowest quote.It isn’t a marketing tactic to try and sell someone on our company over thenext. As the president of Roofing & More, I try and use my personal valueswhen it comes to business as well, and integrity is the center of who I am andhow I run our company, and thus has become one of the core principles atRoofing & More. Above all else, we do business with integrity.

What does that mean? Integrity, by definition, is “thequality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” When applied to abusiness setting, this means always being honest with customers and with eachother. When an issue arises, sometimes it’s easy to begin pointing fingers atothers, and suddenly everything else begins to go wrong and the customer leavesthe situation unhappy. Integrity means that instead, we look inward to examineour own faults and try to make the situation better and leave the customer witha positive outcome.

A Reminder of What Makes Us Stand Out

In fact, that is how we received our tagline. I didn’tchoose it to make a point about my personal values, but instead heard it from acustomer and friend who believed it about our company. After he said it, thephrase stuck with me. I like to use it as a reminder to my team, and a reminderof what makes Roofing & More stand out. Integrity isn’t something that youyourself decide if you have. You can work for it, even strive for it, but thereward is when others see it in you.