One of my biggest goals as a business owner is to take ourbusiness from “good” to “best.” Part of this process involves considering whatusing a “best in class” contractor means to me – what does it take to give yourcustomers the best service? To me, becoming “best in class” is more than havingqualified installers and great customer service. It means that the contractor,no matter what services they provide, has special processes and procedures thathave been identified for every area of business. When you ask a best-in-classcontractor what happens when something goes wrong, or what happens at aspecific stage during a job, they should be able to respond with the processthey have in place. And their employees should know the process too.

Established Processes

For example, over time, we have developed and refined theindividual processes that make up our overall procedures at Roofing & More.When a customer first contacts us for a consultation, we havea procedure that begins. Within this consultation procedure, we have severalprocesses: asking questions, performing an inspection and so on. Then, we moveon to the approval procedure, which has its own specific processes, likeordering products through our third-party manufacturers. Only once thisprocedure is completed do we move on to the Installation procedure, and finallythe final walkthrough, both of which have their own processes.

When Things Go Wrong

Of course, these are only the procedures and processes forwhen everything goes smoothly and the customer is completely satisfied. Abest-in-class contractor not only has procedures for when things go right, butalso for when things go wrong. In my experience, I have found that no matterhow prepared you are, there is no perfect process or product, and you will runinto scenarios in which you must correct the situation. Whether it’s amiscommunication during the consultation, an installation error or a faultyproduct, the contractor should begin to try and resolve the conflict for ahappy customer, whether they agree with the customer’s perspective or not.

Being a best-in-class contractor doesn’t mean that you oryour business are perfect – we all know there is no such thing as perfect. Sohow do you determine a “best in class” contractor? With most jobs, theprocedures and processes that are put into place are done so to ensure thingswill go as planned. However, it’s easy to determine if a contractor is “best inclass” by how they respond and handle things when they go wrong!

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