Last month, we wrote about how

using ProVia® windows

helps us bring the “more” to our customers. We believe that ProVia is an excellent company, and that they truly care about their customers, from the contractors who install their products to the homeowners who get to enjoy their products every day. However, it isn’t just


that ProVia excels in. We also carry and install ProVia doors at Roofing & More, and trust that our customers are getting the best products we can offer. Here’s how ProVia doors allow us to give “more” to our customers:

The Technical Side

We’ve already discussed why we believe ProVia is an excellent company, but what makes the products worthy of being part of our customer’s homes? Of course, their


are beautiful and they provide many different styles to match your home, but what’s on the inside counts even more.

The majority of homeowners enter their home through the front door, and it’s likely the door you use most often in your home. As a result, it needs to be able to stand up to frequent use, while still looking and performing great. The frame, core and hinges together help the door stay upright and not lean or shift with weight over time, making sure that your door opens and closes smoothly without sticking. This is one measure we use to be confident our customers are getting “more” with ProVia. It’s an area where ProVia shines, based on their use of the best materials available – from the core of the door, to the hardware and lock mechanism.

Safety & Efficiency

We also carry ProVia’s line of storm doors to give our customers even more options when it comes to safety and energy efficiency.

Storm doors

allow you to let more natural sunlight in, have better views and help your guests feel more welcome as they approach your home, without sacrificing safety or letting cool air escape during the summer or enter during the winter.

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