Often in the President’s Corner article, I write about my experiences as the president of our organization. Like many business owners, in the past few months, I’ve been focused on COVID-19 and how it has changed our practices as a business for the better. One thing that I haven’t written about, though, is how it has affected the way I, along with many others across every industry, lead our teams.

I’ve been told before that during a difficult time, one of the most important things is attitude. Though your attitude can’t change the situation, it can help you get through it. I’ve been considering this again recently, not just in my personal life, but at work as well. How can I make sure my team feels good about coming in to work, and goes home with a good attitude each day?

Three Aspects of Health

I believe there are three aspects to every human: mental, physical and spiritual. If one of these aspects is off-balance or weakened, but the other two are strong, they will hold us up. However, if there are two off-balance, it can become difficult to push through and recoup. I know my team is physically healthy – we take the right precautions and check temperatures daily.

The next thing I can do as a leader is to make sure they are doing okay mentally. Recently, I’ve begun recording videos to send out to my team to help keep their spirits high and motivate them. Usually this video is just a short message to assure them that even though the world around them may often seem like it’s crumbling, we as a company are still doing well and that they do not have to worry.

Last but not least, as their leader, I remind and encourage them to maintain their spiritual health. This is not about pushing a certain belief on someone. This may be different for each person but it is nonetheless important.

Getting Through This Together

COVID has challenged what is often the biggest goal for leaders: to eventually let the business run without ever being needed. Right now, our teams need us the most to make sure their work environment is safe and helping them get through this tough time.