Each month in the President’s Corner article, I write about my current thoughts as the leader of my company, Roofing & More. You may have noticed that like most other businesses, my focus for the past few months has been COVID-19 and

how we are handling it as a company

. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this subject is still at the forefront of everyday conversation at the office, warehouse and on job sites. It is difficult right now to not constantly think of what is happening around us in our own communities, and it has led me and other leaders within our company to change the way we go about our everyday lives and how we consider the future of Roofing & More.


Solving Problems

I’d like to extend a question we’ve had to ask ourselves recently to other leaders: did COVID-19 cause your problems or did it reveal them?

I’ve written previously about how the current situation has led us to solve problems within our processes that we may never have had to deal with, or would not have even noticed before. Are you beginning to find that a pandemic has unveiled holes in your system or internal issues that you didn’t have to face before? Some of these problems may be more obvious and you might have noticed them even before the year began, while others may just now be revealing themselves as the months go on. No company is perfect, and this is a great opportunity to make improvements for your employees, customers and partners.

Protecting Employees & Customers

Of course, we are still continuing to work on our normal business goals in customer service, leadership and more, but each day we add new protocols and make adjustments to help our team feel safe. Some of them are small, like disinfecting pens after each person uses them, and others are larger, like offering

videoconference consultations

to customers. What is your business doing to protect its employees and customers? As business leaders, it is our obligation to listen to concerns and find solutions to keep moving forward during this crisis.

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