For most people, a home is their most valuable investment. Maintenance is required to maintain its beauty and curb appeal, and ensure that it continues to perform its best. In today’s post, local contractor Roofing and More, Inc. shares four ways you can keep your siding in great condition. Read on to learn more.

1. Conduct visual inspections. The first thing a homeowner should do to ensure that exterior siding stays in great condition is to perform visual inspections. You can catch small problems before they grow and become costly to repair. Some things to look out for include rot, chipping paint, moisture damage, warping and mold growth.

2. Apply new paint and sealants. Aside from making your siding look new, fresh paint enhances its protection against the damaging effects of rain, snow, wind and heat. Wood siding should be repainted at least every five years, and sealants should be reapplied at least every two years. Please contact our siding and roofing experts for assistance once the time comes.

3. Pick the right paint. Choosing the right type of paint is critical to maintain siding's beauty in the years to come. If you decide to repaint vinyl or fiber cement siding, be sure to use high-quality latex paint for vinyl siding or exterior-grade acrylic paint for fiber cement siding.4. Wash and clean it. All siding requires occasional cleaning to get rid of dirt, mildew and grime buildup. Be sure to use warm, soapy water and a medium-pressure garden hose when washing off your siding. Power washing is not recommended because it can force water behind the siding.

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