Years ago, when I first began to move from being a

roofing contractor

out on the job sites every day into a leadership position, a friend told me that though I had great knowledge about the industry, I still needed to learn to be a businessman. To me, at the time, being a businessman meant that because you had all of the experience, all you needed was a team to listen to you and follow orders. Anyone in my position will quickly realize that quite the opposite is true – what you need is a team that is completely different than you are, and challenges you.

Many Perspectives, Many Strengths

At Roofing & More, I’ve found my team of leaders. Each person has their own unique set of skills and perspectives, helping make our company what it is today. Marie Salazar-Hoffman, owner and CFO, has a gift for finding the cracks in our internal processes and offering solutions before we ever knew the problem existed. Armando Salazar, operations manager, is incredibly meticulous and a master at examining the details behind installations, job site safety and more. Dustin Holliday, project consultant, is the ultimate people person and truly listens to what others have to say – grabbing information to create a better experience for everyone involved.

The Roofing & More team has always been great at facing challenges, but COVID-19 has forced us to dig into what we had previously perceived as the best business practices and find areas to improve. Although this has been a tough situation, we are doing what we do best: trying to find the positives. We control what we can control, and accept what we cannot.

Looking Forward

Although we all must deal with these new challenges, I know our company will come out on the other side even better than before as we stick to our core values. We discarded our previous business plan for the year and created a new one to better serve our customers. Even during a global pandemic, I hear from my team that they look forward to coming to work. I have never been prouder of our leadership team, and I know we will continue to find the positives in any circumstance.