The principles of Roofing & More are there in the name – we provide


and so much more. Yes, this means we offer other services in addition to roofing, but it also means that what we provide extends beyond products. The “More” is what sets us apart from other companies and gives our customers the best experience possible, long after the initial product installation is complete. 

When we choose what products to provide for our customers’ homes, we are looking beyond a roof shingle or siding material – we are carefully choosing companies that help us give our customers “More.” For example, Roofing & More started using GAF Roofing on our customer’s homes in 2004, and there is a reason we have stuck with them.

The Best of the Best

Our first goal is to always work with the best of the best, not just in product quality. Although GAF products have proven to be durable and beautiful, their team is what helps us with our top priority of giving our customers a great experience. Despite being a large company, GAF’s customer service process never fails, and they always come through for the homeowner, instead of leaving them to point fingers with contractors. No matter how well a product is built, there will always be a few issues. What’s important is how well the issue is handled.

Support & Training

No product will perform at its best without a great installation. Roofing & More utilizes GAF’s excellent support and training to ensure our team has expert knowledge about the products we carry. If you ask our installation teams about the system being installed, they will have the answers for every question, from materials to proper ventilation.

The People

Just as we pride ourselves on customer service, we expect the same out of others. Two companies may offer the same exact product and installation quality, but their professionalism, passion and communication is what ultimately separates them. GAF employs the best people in the business, making sure to always return phone calls, and even check in on us to make sure we can provide for our customers.

GAF Roofing helps us offer MORE to our customers, through their dedication to their products and people. To learn more, call Roofing & More at (703) 467-0206 or contact us to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and estimate.