At Roofing & More, Inc., we provide expert roofing solutions to homeowners. However, we also understand that one roofing solution can't answer the needs of all homeowners. To effectively work around this dilemma, we offer our roofing customers three options: Good, Better and Best! 

1. The Good:

If your family only intends to stay for a few years in your house, then the “good” option is for you. This arrangement includes no repair or replacement work that will not be essential within three years. With the “good” option, you can be confident that our trusted

roofing company

will strictly observe manufacturer and building code requirements. Although this option has the lowest cost when compared to other roofing solutions, it still maintains your investment in your home.

2. The Better:

Our “better” option is the go-to solution for many of our customers. It has additions that can be very beneficial for families who choose to stay in their home for more than three years. This option offers roofing solutions that can withstand the harshest storms, giving homeowners peace of mind.

3. The Best: 

The “best” option is for families who want to go above and beyond in order to improve their home. The roofing solutions that come with this option are backed by the longest, most comprehensive warranties. This option includes extras that make your home a more valuable property.

Roofing & More is the roofing contractor that Northern Virginia homeowners trust. We have a team that sincerely cares about providing our customers with the highest quality of roofing workmanship and products. Why? Because we care for your home as if it was our own! Call us today at (703) 467-0206 or fill out this contact form to request a service. Our service area includes Alexandria and Burke, VA.