Here at Roofing & More, we’ve expressed before the importance of addressing an issue before it becomes an emergency, leading to home damage and driving up repair costs. However, the line between damage and severe damage isn’t always so clear, which leaves many homeowners asking, “When exactly does a repair become an important issue or even an emergency?” 

Like almost every other question I answer in our “Ask the Expert” column, the answer is “it depends.” This time, though, it depends on you – the homeowner.

Common Emergency Issues

The biggest emergency that can happen with your


, siding or


involves water. If you have water entering your home through a roof leak or older window every time it rains, it can become a huge issue – especially during this time of year when spring showers are more frequent. Water can quickly cause rot, mold and mildew, and a leak means you’ll have to frequently attend to the issue until the damage is repaired.

Another concern is air, which can be less of a problem when the weather is mild and home heating and cooling aren’t as important. As temperatures rise, though, it can cause a spike in energy bills, not to mention overall comfort.

Of course, both of these issues can vary in severity, and a small leak to one homeowner may be low on their list of priorities, while another might contact their local contractor immediately. Some might even try a DIY solution to a major leak for weeks before it feels like the right time to contact a professional. This is why I say, “it depends.” Ultimately, you must decide how important the damage is, and if it is a problem to you, and make plans accordingly. I will stress, though, that problems with roofs and windows never get better on their own.

Count On Our Professionals in an Emergency

If you decide the issue is a priority to you or if it turns to an emergency, Roofing & More is here for you. Right now, we remain open and have incorporated new virtual processes as well as to help our customers remain socially distant while still getting the repairs they need for their home.

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