When I typically write the President’s Corner article, I consider what is on my mind at the moment, and what advice I can offer to homeowners and others in the

home improvement

industry given my 25+ years of experience. Right now, it is nearly impossible to think about anything other than the current situation with COVID-19. With so much changing day-to-day amid a global pandemic, my focus as someone in a leadership position is keeping my family, employees, customers and community healthy and safe, while doing the best I can to continue to serve those who need us at this time. 

If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you know that we are taking several important measures at Roofing & More to ensure we are complying with CDC guidelines, as well as implementing our own new procedures as extra precautions for the benefit of our customers and employees. Not only are we washing our hands more frequently and sanitizing all surfaces, but each employee is taking their temperature three times throughout the day. We have also developed a new virtual process specifically during this crisis, in which customers can receive evaluations virtually to limit or avoid face-to-face interactions.

I also understand that this is a difficult time financially for most, and Roofing & More will work with you and your budget, offering

financing options

so you can keep your home, your safe place, in good shape.

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We have spent countless hours planning, looking ahead and keeping in touch with local authorities to be sure we are doing what is best for our community. As a business that was deemed essential by the state government, we will keep our doors open for


, siding, windows and our other services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need repairs or replacements on your home. We are here for you.