is the perfect example of a home improvement product that can become an investment in your home, or quickly become expensive to maintain. Choosing the right siding from a trusted manufacturer means your home will stay protected and you won't find yourself making repairs or repainting every few years. But how do you know which siding is right for your home? 

Siding is designed to help protect your home from the elements all year, and can aid in overall energy efficiency. This is especially important in a state like Virginia that sees four seasons and annual hurricanes. Having sturdy siding made from quality materials may be one of the most important things you can do for your home.


There are many different types of siding, and it’s up to you and the

siding company

you work with to decide which option is best for your home and budget. Roofing & More carries the most popular options: vinyl, fiber cement, wood and aluminum. Each has its benefits: vinyl is the most popular choice for its effectiveness at a lower price.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding

has the look of natural wood but is incredibly durable. Aluminum is great for its insulating properties and durability. Wood gives your home a classic look.


Aside from the material, you’ll want to consider the manufacturer producing the siding. The product may be a popular choice for its price, but it may not have a good warranty or customer service attached to it. Roofing & More partners with companies like James Hardie specifically for the dedication to providing quality service even after the product has been installed. When choosing your siding, compare several different options before just settling on the material.


Of course, the quality of the siding won’t help your home if the installation was completed improperly. Choosing the right contractor matters just as much as which type of siding you choose. Check out our

guide to choosing the right contractor


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