The beauty and durability of traditional slate roofs are certainly beneficial, but they come with a steep price tag that deters many potential purchasers. GAF’s TruSlate® Premium Roofing System allows homeowners to enjoy the superior benefits of traditional slate without breaking the bank! Today, Roofing and More, Inc., your local roofing expert, shines the spotlight on the features and benefits of this roofing innovation. 

A Unique Alternative to Traditional Slate

GAF’s TruSlate Premium Roofing System is made of genuine, hand-split, quarried slate tiles sourced from the finest quarries in North America. While the design of each piece is slightly different, their thickness and quality are comparable to that of traditional slate. Throughout its service life, TruSlate won’t show signs of warping, buckling or curling. Hangers are used instead of nails for easier repair or replacement of slate pieces.

Affordable Luxury

Affordability is TruSlate’s most notable characteristic. This is possible because GAF has reduced the weight of each slate piece, which eliminates the need for structural modifications to a home due to the heavy weight of a traditonal slate roof. This means lower costs in both material and labor.

TruSlate installations are different from that of traditional slate. While half of a traditional slate is tucked under the piece above it, the TruSlate System doesn’t waste any slate, instead replacing it with an advanced waterproofing material. This design allows rainwater to flow toward the gutters while providing an extra layer of protection for your roof. TruSlate is also resistant to hail and damage brought on by changing temperatures, preventing potential leakage problems.

Beauty & Appeal

Choosing TruSlate for your roof replacement means getting to choose unique style for your home’s exterior. Select from three main hues: Onyx Black, Charcoal and Autumn Dusk. Whatever aesthetic requirements you may have, expect your color choice to give your roof stunning appeal all year round.

Professional Installation by Roofing & More

At Roofing & More, Inc., our GAF certified installers take a holistic approach when it comes to installing a TruSlate Premium Roofing System. We take great care to ensure the flashings, roof vents, attic insulation and all other components are compatible, properly installed and working together. Call us today at (703) 467-0206 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve residents of Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria and many other Northern Virginia communities.