Your gutter system plays an important role in keeping your property safe from water damage. To ensure its long-term performance and function, it must stay clog-free. While you could choose to clean the gutters regularly yourself, this is a dirty and dangerous task. 

Fortunately, installing a gutter protection system could make regular cleaning and maintenance a thing of the past. Roofing & More, Inc., your local home improvement contractor, takes a look at the benefits of installing gutter protection on your gutters.

1. It reduces the need for maintenance.

Cleaning your gutters can cost time and money. With a gutter protection system installed, however, you no longer have to dig leaves, twigs and other debris out of your gutters. Even if they collect on top of the gutter guards, they are much easier to remove.

2. It prevents premature rust and corrosion.

Leaves and other debris gather moisture as they sit inside your gutters, increasing the potential for rust and corrosion formation. Since a gutter installation system is designed to prevent these materials from accumulating in your gutters, installing a guard can help extend your gutters’ lifespan.

3. It protects your home’s exterior from water damage.

A gutter protection system helps keep water from flowing down the sides of your home and behind other parts of your exterior, including siding and


. Fewer blockages also mean improved water flow toward the downspouts. This is especially beneficial if you are collecting rainwater.

4. It prevents infestations.

Gutter guards can stop pests and insects from breeding in your gutters. With less standing water inside your gutters, your home becomes unattractive to these small creatures. Also, gutter guards act as a barrier for animals that might squeeze their way toward the attic.

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